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Great Causes #SolvedWithGames

by The DrimTeam

Gamification can help to solve big issues facing the world today

Gamification: the application of game design, mechanics and thinking to engage and motivate individuals and groups.

The big issues facing the world today can often seem too big and complicated to tackle. That’s where gamification can help; by breaking down these mammoth tasks into smaller, more achievable goals. In search of solutions to world issues, an increasing number of organisations are using gaming tactics, such as goals, points and achievements to ignite the compassionate nature inherent in us all.

Here we have collected what we consider to be the most inspiring and successful examples of solving global issues with the help of gamification.

Provide access to drinking water with phone credit

Goal: to fund sanitation facilities
#scores #progress #achievements

How it works:
Unbelievably, there are areas of the world where it is easier to gain access to a mobile phone than clean drinking water. In response to this situation, a startup in India launched a loyalty programme where participants can contribute towards the creation and maintenance of sanitation facilities in their community. Each time a consumer tops up their mobile phone balance they are rewarded with credit for the community fund. This example of gamification creates the perfect synergy between individual and collective needs.

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Work as a team on an important cause

Goal: to help charities raise money
#achievements #experience #challenges #leaderboards

How it works:
An innovative web-based initiative has used gamification to maximise the visibility and enjoyment of giving to charity. This service offers real-time rewards for contributions in the form of points and achievements. Healthy competition is encouraged as donors accumulate points and can see how they compare to others in the leaderboards and on social media. Organisations benefit from this scheme too with challenges and points that help them to improve their fundraising efforts.

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Help children to deal with cancer

Goal: support children in their fight against cancer
#fun #challenges

How it works:
A therapeutic game has been crafted which assists children suffering from cancer to develop a better understanding of their condition and treatment and to cope with their physical and emotional struggle by completing missions and receiving rewards. Interactive activities and fun animations help the children to shift their attention from pain to progress. The data collected from these games can also help medical professionals by allowing them to provide better care.

Make a valuable contribution towards AIDS research

Goal: accelerate the research into HIV
#puzzle #achievements #challenges #competition

How it works:
To accelerate the research into HIV, a game in which users solved puzzles to figure out different protein structures was developed. The game attracted hundreds of thousands of volunteers from around the world. The collaborative effort, driven by fierce competition, resulted in a significant discovery ... in only ten days!

Tackle obesity in children with daily physical activities

Goal: promote an active lifestyle from childhood
#challenges #badges #tracking

How it works:
A fitness app aimed at children allows users to track their activity, unlock achievements and gain satisfaction in completing their goals. Using gamification to promote a healthy lifestyle isn’t new. But this app goes further than just rewarding children for their exercise achievements; it uses fun and surprising challenges to make fitness the enjoyable activity that it should be.

Assist patients with their mental and physical recovery

Goal: physical and mental rehabilitation
#activities #achievements #tracking #teamwork

How it works:
After suffering from a severe concussion, one game designer created a game featuring training exercises and daily goals to help and motivate other patients with their physical, cognitive and emotional recoveries. The game allows users to build social ties, deal with pain and improve, level by level, their physical and mental conditions.

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At Drimlike we’ve got good games for good causes. If you are still as curious as #Gamificat, find out about the incredible ways that gamification has also helped to solve problems in our everyday lives and at work.

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