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Quizzes for Marketing

A marketing strategy that ticks all the boxes.

Do you want your marketing to be:

- A: efficient?
- B: appealing?
- C: affordable?
- D: all of these!!!

Quizzes and tests are not new to marketers. For decades, they have offered an excellent way to connect with audiences by speaking directly to them and -more importantly-, about them. What is new is their vast potential when cleverly designed to thrive on social media and mobile internet.

Simple and personal, an interactive quiz or test will catch your audience’s attention with the promise of an insight, a bit of fun - or a prize!

Get a share-ready quiz for your brand that will work on desktop computers and mobile devices alike. We put our gamification expertise at your service; you decide whether you want a lead generation quiz, a test one to collect data or one to build loyalty and awareness.

Answer D?

Did you know? One staff member, not quite awake yet, once watered a rubber plant. She’s never lived it down.

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