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Facebook Competitions

The most playful way to engage your users on social media.

Running a competition on your Facebook page is an easy way to engage your users by challenging them and offering them rewards. Whether you run a startup or a big business, attracting customer interest with a contest has a greater chance to go viral on social media than anywhere else. Contests and sweepstakes are a fun and cost-effective solution to achieve your marketing goals - whether you want to reach more followers, collect data or generate more conversions.

Everyone loves a contest. Why not make your users win as they help your brand grow?

Facebook contests and games are incredibly flexible, they promote your brand image to your users while reflecting their lifestyle. Ultimately, they maximise engagement by reaching your audience from at the heart of their social and personal life online.

Let your target audience have fun with your brand as they spread the buzz around it. From creative contests to giveaways based on likes and referrals, there’s a Facebook promotion for every brand and every audience. Let us help you find yours!

BONUS! We can also create a competition or prize draw for your audience on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks. Ask us how we can gamify your social strategy!

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