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Measuring the ROI on Your Website

by The DrimTeam

We know our clients’ marketing goals well, because they’re nearly always our marketing goals, too. These are just some of the things you can expect from a great website:

- Increased brand awareness
- Greater brand engagement and interaction
- More targeted leads
- Additional revenue and sales

All of the above are hugely impacted by your website’s design, navigation and content. If your website is outdated, over-complicated or failing to accurately reflect your brand identity, it will negatively impact your business’ basic goals.

To learn more about the impact a website can have on an business, read "The Benefits Of A Website".

How to Measure Return On Website Investment

- Website traffic

You can measure exactly how many people are accessing your site, and see what they do while they’re there, using website analytics. We’ll help you untangle the facts and figures.

- Website conversions

You’ll always be aware of how many people are clicking on your website’s calls-to-action, contact form submissions, live chat conversations, and more.

- Closing ratios on website leads

It’s essential to be able to identify the ratio of leads to sales, and assess how your sales team are handling those leads.

- Average sale and profit per sale

Knowing how much a customer, or potential customer, spends on average and how much money you’re making from each sale allows us to set targets and KPIs for your website.

“A website isn’t an expense: it’s an investment. Our sole objective is to craft a website that makes you a profit. Our focus is your ROI.”

Your marketing needs to include strategies that will drive traffic to your site. Website traffic is the starting point of a journey, where the finish line is the profit your website generates each month.

Taking a fresh look at new or existing website and making the changes, big or small, that will help you find your target audience online, is always a smart investment for any business. And we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

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