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Automate your marketing to generate more leads.

The initial analysis is simple: your website and your social networks attract visitors. You probably convert 1% of these prospects into real customers.

What do you do with the other 99%?

Marketing automation helps manage repetitive tasks by executing pre-planned marketing scenarios. Your potential customer, once identified by the system, is guided towards an eventual purchase via email campaigns, SMS or social networks. Your prospects receive a score based on their behaviour, which then allows your sales team to identify the contacts most likely to make a purchase (the principle of "lead nurturing"). This guarantees you the highest conversion rate.

Enlist your customers at the right time with the right message. Imagine all the marketing automation strategies that can increase your sales.

Not only do we offer marketing automation on major platforms, but also offer the open source solution Mautic that gives you greater control of your actions. This approach allows you to listen, record and stimulate your prospect to encourage a purchase, and is the basis of your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Find out who comes to your site.
Make the decision to finally exploit the remaining 99% of your sales potential.

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