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Business #SolvedWithGames

by The DrimTeam

Gamification benefits enterprises; both small and large

Gamification: the application of game design, mechanics and thinking to engage and motivate individuals and groups.

Healthy competition in business can motivate employees, attract talent, create a cooperative atmosphere and increase productivity. In the US, 61% of CEOs and CFOs take breaks during their working days to enjoy the advantages of games. But you don’t need to develop a complicated game to reap the rewards; by applying game mechanics to different situations in the workplace, both engagement and motivation can increase.

Here are some of our favourite examples of gamification in the business world:

Encourage healthy competition in small businesses

Goal: to motivate employees
#scores #competitive #rewards

How it works:
One gamification platform has taken a novel approach towards motivating staff and boosting sales: encouraging competition through a points system. By introducing rewards, employee motivation improved, resulting in an increase in sales revenues and over 11% in tips.

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Attract more candidates and find the right person for the job

Goal: to attract more candidates and accurately assess their ability
#interaction #play #achievements #challenges

How it works:
To maximise the reach of their recruitment campaigns and to capture the interest of more talented candidates, a hotel chain introduced a game, similar to Farmville, that simulates the day-to-day running of their hotels. In this gaming experience, potential candidates take on real challenges that they would encounter if offered a role with the company. The game also highlights the skills and characteristics the business expects from its employees and assists the company in identifying candidates with potential.

Make "pulling a sickie" a thing of the past

Goal: to promote well-being in the workplace
#tracking #challenges #leaderboards

How it works:
A social health organisation, based in San Francisco, provides companies with a platform that encourages their employees to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. With the use of customised challenges, leaderboards and individual monitoring, employees are motivated to improve their well-being. This platform has produced many positive results, including improved performance and a reduction in costs associated with employee absences.

Be more productive at work

Goal: to reduce distractions and complete your tasks
#achievements #points #badges #progress

How it works:
Creating small and achievable goals was the key to success for one digital platform that motivates users to complete all their projects. Distractions are avoided as the user is reminded of their achievements to date and how close they are to completing their next goal. Gamification elements, in the form of badges and progress tracking, multiplies the number of projects completed.

Get on track with your financial goals

Goal: to take control of your financial situation
#goals #levels #achievements #scores

How it works:
A leading online financial management platform was created with a clear objective: to make managing your finances easy and entertaining! The system uses goals, points and graphics to empower users to take control of their budget. With the ability to improve scores, individuals and organisations are motivated to stay on track with their financial goals.

Maximise employee engagement

Goal: to create a corporate culture that motivates staff
#goals #badges #social #teams #levels #rewards

How it works:
A gamification platform that was developed for the workplace encourages responsibility and motivates employees at every level. The objectives are tailored for each position and department. Employees receive badges, rewards and level up depending on their performance. Additionally, staff members can compete in teams to encourage a more inclusive environment that promotes good practices.

#Gamificat’s stats

Gamification boosts time spent on websites by an average of 140%.

When it comes to solving professional problems with games, Drimlike means business! Not sniffed out the solution to your problem in this article? Check out how gamification can also help with day-to-day tasks and important causes.

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