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The Era of HTML5 Games

by The DrimTeam

Get ready, this is taking place right now! 2014 is the year that the use of HTML5 and JavaScript in creating cross-platform games will reach maturity. A new, exciting era has just begun in the games industry.

Why HTML5 Games?

Having a single standard language that runs smoothly across different portable devices and desktop operating systems is now a reality in games development. No more plugins or updates due to different versions for different platforms. HTML5 is the best option if you would like your game to last well into the future.

An Incredible Progression

Recent years have seen an impressive growth in casual and social games - first on consoles, then on tablets and smartphones. The development in this area has been unstoppable.

It’s time to reach all users and all browsers through an efficient, standardised system.

At Drimlike, we’ve already embraced HTML5 games, and are looking forward to the upcoming changes in the technology. Did you know that they will run on any device that has a browser? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about HTML5 games.

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