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Marketing games: Boost in-store traffic and engagement with gamification

by The DrimTeam

Drimlike recently helped Coty, a prestigious beauty brand and global market leader, promote its best-selling fragrance brands (including Hugo Boss, Tiffany & Co., Gucci) with an in-store marketing campaign in World Duty Free stores at London Heathrow airport.

Enjoy 30% off

The idea was simple: A marketing game device that let shoppers engage with different perfume brands, earning a range of in-store discounts on Coty’s cosmetics and fragrances.

By getting the customer to answer 3 questions, quite literally on the store’s display shelves, the game effectively blends the real world with the digital one. The ultimate objective is to bring the customer in the store and encourage them to make a purchase once they’ve won a discount.

As well as developing and launching the interactive quiz on our Drimify gamification platform, Drimlike also built tailor-made landing pages to meet the specific needs of the campaign.

Engaging customers on multiple channels

To ensure shoppers engaged with the game, it was accessible via three different channels:

This complete multi-channel device drew attention to the brands by encouraging people to seek out the products on store shelves.

Gamification: Using game logics to increase sales

With an engagement rate of 68% on touchscreens, thousands of connections via the online campaign, a peak in traffic in the lead-up to Christmas and over 1,000 promotional codes distributed over the festive period, this gamification campaign was hugely effective.

With marketing games, everyone wins: the brand builds a strong reputation and boosts turnover for a quick return on investment, and the user has fun whilst earning discounts.

This type of interactive experience, which is fully customisable via the Drimify game platform, comes with the advantage of being relevant for all sectors, as well as offering an opportunity to build brand recognition and loyalty for a set price.

Now it’s your turn! To see how we can bring the Drimify touch to your brand and products, contact us today.

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