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Gamifying An Event To Boost Engagement

by The DrimTeam

We recently worked with the world’s leading events organiser, Reed Exhibitions, and Infosecurity Magazine on their annual Infosecurity Europe event; the largest information security industry conference and exhibition in Europe.

The brief was clear; to craft a short but addictive game that would dramatically boost engagement with the technically-minded information security professionals in attendance at Reed Exhibitions’ successful event. It was vital that the game was information security themed and that it sparked competition between players.

Operation Gamification

We crafted a ‘swipe’ game for this event; a gaming concept that creates a simple but fast, exciting and addictive experience for users. In the game, the player acts as an antivirus software and must detect and destroy any malware before it can damage their system. As players progress through the game they unlock new items, creating a higher level of challenge and excitement.

We used a system of lives and points, based on user speed and the number of items processed, to feed the leaderboard for that all-important competitive element of the game, to motivate players and to keep them coming back for more.

The game visuals were designed to excite the information security professionals at this event, featuring the scariest things for a computer: Trojan horses and black hat hackers. Bright, eye-catching colours and explosive graphics thrill the user even more.

Ready For HACKtion

Between attending seminars, visitors stopped to play the game at a dedicated area at the event where iPads were available and the gameplay and leaderboard were displayed on large screens. This set-up increased engagement and piqued the interest of passers-by. Winners were announced at the end of each day via the dedicated hashtag (#CryptoBlockerChallenge) which heightened the competitive element and created a buzz around the game at the event.

If you want to see for yourself how compelling and competitive the game we crafted for Reed Exhibitions’ Infosecurity Europe event is, give Crypto Blocker a go and post your score in the comments below!

Mission Accomplished

Crypto Blocker was successful at boosting engagement at the event.

The game brought a unique element of activity and fun for visitors, so much so that Infosecurity Magazine have received many compliments.

"We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of our gamification project with Drimlike. Our brief; to create a short, competitive, industry themed game that would increase engagement onsite and start conversations with attendees - and the end result ‘CryptoBlocker’, delivered on all counts."

"From start to finish Drimlike clearly understood our objectives, creatively and strategically developing a game that enabled us to drive interest and engagement with our brand both onsite and on social media pre, during and post event."

"The measure of success also can be seen in the number of new subscribers to our education products we’ve had post event and new partners we’re now in conversation with for future projects. I cannot recommend the Drimlike team highly enough; they delivered a great product with exceptional service."

- Rebecca Harper, Digital Marketing Manager - Reed Exhibitions

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to think about how you can add a unique touch to your next event.

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