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Everyday Life #SolvedWithGames

by The DrimTeam

A touch of fun makes everyday challenges achievable

Gamification: the application of game design, mechanics and thinking to engage and motivate individuals and groups.

Day-to-day duties can often feel mundane. Enter gamification! Games can give us the motivation we need to complete our chores. By presenting us with exciting challenges or rewards for completing goals, game mechanics can turn even the most tedious tasks into entertaining activities.

Here are our favourite examples of how gamification can enhance our everyday lives:

Inspire communities to be more energy efficient

Goal: encourage residents to save energy
#rewards #teamwork #tracking

How it works:
This initiative monitors the energy saved by households each month and rewards residents for their efforts. It encourages healthy competition between neighbours but also supports teamwork, as households work together to increase the total amount of energy saved in their neighbourhood. By adding just a few, small gaming elements, you can make a big difference like encourage good habits, reiterate the importance of protecting the environment and bring the community closer together.

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Find the motivation to get fit

Goal: accomplish your fitness goals
#challenges #badges #motivation #tracking #social #leaderboards

How it works:
Fitness apps that use challenges, badges and leaderboards help many people, from fitness-phobes to fanatics, to stick to and complete their exercise goals. As well as tracking physical activity and allowing users to compare their progress with friends, some apps use additional motivational features like monitoring the user’s health and providing words of encouragement.

Become a computer programming pro

Goal: supporting access to technical knowledge
#levels #points #badges

How it works:
Thanks to the internet, it’s much easier for people to access and develop technical skills, from web design to computer programming, in a fun and affordable way. A popular e-Learning site applies gamification, in the form of levels and badges, to engage students and to reward them, not only for succeeding but also for not giving up.

Get your kids interested in reading during the holidays

Goal: make reading fun for young people
#challenges #teamwork #competition #games #contests

How it works:
An initiative launched by a number of city libraries has successfully encouraged children and young adults to read more by using team games that bring the story and its characters to life. The project not only sets reading challenges, but also includes digital and face-to-face activities for kids that prefer something more interactive than reading. This initiative encourages more and improved reading (and increases library membership) while promoting social and teamwork skills.

Motivate students to do their best in the classroom

Goal: teaching methods that motivate students
#tracking #achievements #games #points #rewards

How it works:
Gamification is not a new method for teachers. Recently, however, it has entered a new dimension; the digital one. Mobile devices, online platforms and apps add a new level of interaction. Using a fun and personal approach, students are empowered as they take responsibility for their learning and see their progress rewarded with badges. Games, contests and interactive homework assignments encourage development on a day-to-day basis.

Be rewarded for being environmentally friendly

Goal: encourage communities to recycle
#challenges #rewards #points #achievements

How it works:
Recycling takes time and effort and it can be challenging to motivate people to do it. However, gamification has a solution: turn recycling into a fun game (with rewards for the winners, of course). By offering points, achievements and material or financial rewards, communities become more interested in and enthusiastic about recycling.

Create the perfect retirement plan

Goal: organise your finances for the future
#stages #competition #social #points

How it works:
Using gamified educational tools, financial companies have successfully raised awareness of the importance of pension plans. These initiatives have offered users an enjoyable and easy way to get financial advice and plan their future. This example of gamification has seen immediate and impressive results: up to 44% of workers increased their pension contributions or purchased new savings products.

#Gamificat’s stats

Around 80% of students believe their productivity would improve with gamified studies

Really? Drimlike’s games can make routine tasks riveting? All in a day’s work! If you are inspired by these examples, you must take a look at how gamification is also used in the business world and for important causes.

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