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4 ways HTML5 Games Can Benefit Your Business

by The DrimTeam

HTML5 games are the foundation for mobile games in this era. Discover 4 ways that they could do big things for your business:

1. Many people will play them

You’re not ruling out any customers, as these games are playable on any device (smartphones, tablets, PCs, kindles and more). As they are cross-platform, they are extremely time and cost efficient. Games can be featured on your own company website or social media platform and don’t need fancy software to be played.

2. You can promote new products straight away

You can update an existing game easily and remotely, so users can instantly play updated versions without having to download anything new. This is great for businesses where changes happen often or companies who want to plug promotions.

3. You can advertise for free all year long

Games are engaging. People can share them using just a link, so your overall outreach is increased significantly at no extra cost. What’s not to love about that?

4. You target the right people, in the right way

Games can be made to fit your business like a glove. Company values and messages are conveyed almost subliminally, while users have fun and remember your brand.

HTML5 games are powerful - whether you’re interested in fun games, serious games or advergames, there is a solution for your business (even if you’re new to the game).

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