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What is Keyword Research?

by The DrimTeam

The term ‘keyword’ refers to the exact terms that users type into a search engine. The goal of keyword analysis is to figure out which words potential customers use when searching for your products or services online .

What are the benefits of keyword research for businesses?

1. Your site becomes easier to find
If potential customers look up ‘how to make cake’ online, an article of the same title is likely to receive more hits than an article called ‘cake recipe’.

2. You identify new business opportunities
Such extensive research offers a detailed insight into any industry.

3. You discover the best-sellers in your industry
What use is trying to sell ‘trainers’ when ‘football boots’ are more in demand? Keyword research helps you tap into exactly what your customers want, as well as what your competitors are up to.

4. It answers consumer enquiries effectively
Only relevant pages should ever come up in a user’s search request. Comprehensive keyword research ensures that your site is only ever displayed where it should be, resulting in a positive user experience.

Isn’t using keywords cheating?

No, although there are those who use them improperly. Abusing them results in poor quality content, and your content could even be marked as spam. This is Internet suicide.

Ultimately, the proper use of keywords is crucial if you wish to reach as many potential customers as possible.

A thorough knowledge of the market, a strategy based on experience and professional copywriting is the key to achieving top results on Google and other search engines. You will gain the trust of your customers and increase your sales volume.

Want more information about keywords?

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