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Capital Cars - A Case Study

by The DrimTeam

Capital Cars Scotland Limited, an established private hire taxi company based in Edinburgh, approached us with the brief to improve their communication across all channels. We worked on their online advertising campaigns, restructuring of their website, online marketing strategies, print marketing and much more.


We were presented with the task of designing a sleek, up-to-date and dynamic website in order to improve communication between the business and its customers.


Research was an essential step for us to deliver effective results. We drew a few important conclusions:

- A great deal of clients of taxis and private companies use mobile devices on the go to book their cars.
- Capital Cars was already a well-established business with a defined brand image that is widely recognised.
- Capital Cars already possessed a very powerful marketing tool, their phone number consisting of seven 7s (777-7777), which is very hard to forget!

Online Strategy

Our aim was to implement an overall improvement of their brand image without moving too far from what they already had in place. Booking procedures, contact forms and different services were neatly displayed to ensure a great user experience.

Our creative designers launched a ’mobile first’ approach on this project, where the online design for mobile devices is a priority over the desktop device experience. It was essential to think as a potential client in a world that is definitely going mobile.

Apart from implementing essential keywords and ad copy that performed efficiently on campaigns, we created a powerful website with relevant pages and more organised sections for services where customers can find what they’re looking for and book their service - right there and then.


The result of our work for Capital Cars showed straight away. The cost of their online advertising is highly optimised now: their budget has reached new levels of conversions and a higher ROI through the use of effective copywriting, useful landing pages and an improved user experience.

Our Branding Moves People...

As well as developing an online strategy, we had to work with a slightly more elaborate medium...the rickshaw! Of course, we rose to the challenge. Want to know the best kept secret in Edinburgh? Capital Cars’ Taxis are much warmer than rickshaws!

When it came to offline media, our unique touch of wit that is so vital for memorable branding also proved to be a great success.

Capital Cars are extremely satisfied with Drimlike’s work, and we continue to help them push their boundaries even further so they can keep offering one of the best taxi experiences in Edinburgh - from the booking to the journey.

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Did you know? One staff member, not quite awake yet, once watered a rubber plant. She’s never lived it down.

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