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Agis - A Case Study

by The DrimTeam

After working with Agis since 2007, they approached us with the brief to improve their existing brand identity and build a website that would increase their brand image. Agis are one of the leading food companies in France, but their signature practise is that they combine tradition with modernity to create trusted, quality products.

The Challenge

We realised that something of great importance was to promote the personal semblance of Agis, and put the human side of their company at the heart of their online presence. Our aim was to work around their existing branding and maintain their corporate identity while celebrating the innovative nature of their company and making people aware of their unique attributes. We needed the website to convey exactly how much Agis care about excellence in their food.

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In addition, we needed to present their sales department in a clear, unimposing way. The fact that Agis are based all over France meant that we really had to think about how we could inject some friendliness into their currently quite serious presentation, and simplify the way in which they communicated themselves. We also needed to improve the recruitment section on their website and make it more user-friendly for potential employees.

When it came to how effective the site was, improvements needed to be made in terms of design, responsiveness and content. The site needed to be compatible with the ongoing developments in the technology of mobile devices. Making the new site responsive and dynamic was an absolute must. Usability on computers, mobile phones and tablets needed to be kept in mind at all times, and the ultimate aim was to present customers with a clear, modern and comprehensive website.

Our Insight

Before beginning the redesign, we needed to ensure that we had a complete understanding of the market and Agis’s competitors. As this was a B2B project, we needed to improve the bridge between the client and their business customers, and analysing different ways in which to do this would affirm our ability to do so.

The right keywords can make all the difference in improving the popularity and overall communication of a website, so this was a crucial part of our market research. As we knew we needed to improve visibility of the Agis site, we took the time to thoroughly research keywords for companies of this nature and think of ways in which to implement them advantageously.

As a creative digital agency with expertise in web marketing, we were able to offer Agis an insight to which techniques would be successful and which would not. With our industry knowledge and now solid base of research, we were able to begin work and start creating the perfect recipe.

The Strategy

Working on the Agis website consisted of alternating between creative and technical tasks. This meant that fresh ideas were constantly being generated and implementation of changes could work in complete sync with one another. During this time, we kept in regular contact with the client through telephone calls and emails. This allowed us to update them clearly on our progress. We were always happy to receive any feedback or ideas from them if they did wish to be involved at this level.

In terms of design, we realised that Agis needed to further enhance the implementation of their products. The quality often speaks for itself in their foods, and we needed to convey this visually on the site. The way in which we did this was by implementing a large image of the food in the background. This simple but effective technique not only presents customers with a ‘taste’ for the product, but intrigues them, thus leading them further into the site and encouraging them to stay there for longer. Furthermore, the image is customisable, meaning it can be changed when Agis wish to promote a new product, or during different seasons (Christmas or Chinese New Year, for example). For every client, we tailor the optimisations that we enforce.

When it came to content, further to our keyword research, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needed to be put in place. Effective content is central to generating traffic and making sure a site is noticed on the internet. Our copywriters created quality content that would direct relevant users to the Agis site, thus making the site more discoverable.

With Agis’s business customers in mind, we worked on a design that would help them navigate the site with ease. What was missing on the previous site was consistency. By using images of a similar style, we could establish a coherent style for every page, ensuring that the images were helpful and complementary, rather than distracting. In addition, we added a feature in the recruitment section that meant users could send their CV directly, simply by clicking a button. Job vacancies are now listed in a neat, straightforward manner, meaning applicants can apply intuitively and without confusion.

Still aware of the need to boost the human side of Agis, we improved their sales team section substantially. We integrated a map feature, so the user can click on a specific region of France and be presented with the particular person in charge for that area. Not only does this feature provide valuable information for the user, but it adds many friendly faces to a large, esteemed company, something which could be potentially daunting for people who want to get in touch or find out more.

The Result

The final result was a dynamic, responsive website at the forefront of technology.
What we found as a result was that time spent on the website from mobile devices leaped from 1 minute to 3 minutes. That’s a 180% increase.
Furthermore, overall time spent on the site jumped from two minutes to three minutes, proving that we had improved the general captivation of the audience.

Agis now have the prospect of using these designs and branding for current and future projects. The imagery and style can be used in anything from powerpoint presentations to stationery and business cards, and working with them on this in the future is a possibility.

The benefits of a responsive website have been clear to Agis, whose marketing and communication departments were thrilled with the ability to communicate with their clients on a more effective level. In this case; a spoonful of modernity, a pinch of creative spirit and a dash of determination formed the perfect recipe for success!

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