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The Corner Standing Desk: Innovation Station

by The DrimTeam

With all the exciting projects bubbling away in the Drimlike office you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s just our work that’s totally original and exciting. Could we be any more creative and different? Well, actually yes, we could - we’ve invented The DrimDesk: an elegant, stylish, sleek corner standing desk.

Why Standing Desks?

Sitting still is bad, and we homo saps seem to be doing a lot of it. At times it’s simply unavoidable, but evidence is coming to light suggesting that the simple expedient of standing rather than sitting at your desk could in fact make us happier, healthier and more productive.

Standing desks force you to stand properly (that means no slouching), stretching your spine and improving your posture. It’s also been argued that standing desks improve productivity, due to the sudden dearth of inane chair-swivelling in a standing desk user’s working day.

How We Built Our DrimDesk

Each corner standing desk is an ‘IkeaHack’; utilising the Dr Frankenstein approach to Ikea flatpack furniture to create something beautiful and personal. The DrimDesk was built using three separate Ikea components:

For those looking to buy an adjustable standing desk, prices can reach as much as £2000. The total cost of the parts for each DrimDesk was £163, enabling the DrimTeam to construct a desk designed and built by the user, for the user, without breaking the bank. The adjustable legs allow for optimum comfort and minimal strain on muscles and joints while working, and the corner table top offers the user a large workspace without becoming a bulky obstacle in the office.

A Drim Come True: The Benefits

Our innovation was to ‘hack’ the standing desk to craft an unusual corner standing desk to benefit our working environment; a desk tucked tidily in the corner without a chair beside it means more open floor space and an airier, more spacious-feeling office. What’s more, the gap between the two corner table tops offers a nifty storage space, offering access to everything you need without cluttering up your workspace.

Standing desk best practice recommends standing without shoes on a proper (read: thick) mat to cushion your feet and reduce any strain on your legs and spine. If you’re new to standing desks, it’s handy to have a bar stool* as well to rest your legs occasionally. *Beer and peanuts not included.

And don’t just take our word for it. Famous standing desk users include Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci, Ernest Hemingway, Ben Franklin and Virginia Woolf. Aim high: stand up.

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