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Ocean Drive - A Case Study

by The DrimTeam

An ad with impact

Ocean Drive, the luxury motor yacht professional based on the French Riviera, presented us with a challenge. In a premium magazine publication, we needed to create an advert that would convey the comfort and reliability of Ocean Drive’s chartered yachts. It was our job to give this project a smart, powerful finish. We also needed to work fast in order to meet the magazine’s printing deadline (but we love a good challenge)!

Based on showcasing their exceptional and modern fleet, we devised a clean design in line with their brand. The small details we carried out were needed in order to bring the brand’s communication up to their level of sophistication.

Their response

“Drimlike were very helpful and professional. They met our specifications within a very short space of time, delivering outstanding work even when under pressure.” - Shirine Feist, Ocean Drive

Ever dreamed of owning a yacht on the French Riviera? You can find more details on their website:

The smallest changes can really sharpen and boost a brand’s communication. No project is too small, so just get in touch!

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