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Objective: Shoot for the moon with Wardman UK’s branding

by The DrimTeam

Drimlike were tasked with rebranding communications expert Wardman UK’s website and marketing material, a comprehensive approach that reflected the company’s stellar customer service and its aims to keep improving.

We started by analysing the market and getting Wardman UK’s insights in order to redefine the company’s branding. Creating concept boards and trying out different styles and imagery allowed us to define the very essence of the company values, from which we could begin designing the website and marketing material.

‘Inspiring communication’ is a bold statement that demanded a bold look, so we opted for a bright pink accent colour which meant Wardman UK’s tagline could be recreated consistently across online and offline media including letterheads, business cards and email templates.

A Rocket-Fuelled Website

The mission brief called for a clean and simple website with a seamless user experience, reflecting the top-quality service offered by Wardman UK. We needed to avoid heavy text crammed full of technical language, find a tagline that expressed the core values of Wardman UK and tell Wardman UK’s story by taking the user on a journey through the website.

The Voyage

By combining strong, simple iconography with a sleek timeline design we created a site that’s informative yet uncomplicated. The image of the boy and his rocket is the focal point of the site, expressing Wardman UK’s progression as a company and ability to move their customers forward.

The tagline, ‘We’re enthusiastic, friendly and confident’, ticked every box of the mission brief; conveying the energy, positivity and innovation of Wardman UK without getting caught up in the nitty-gritty of day-to-day business.


Through the clean design and fully-responsive nature of the site, we were able to convey the clarity and quality that this communications company pride themselves on. Using a concept based around a premium approach, every aspect of the site and marketing materials expresses the core aims and values of Wardman UK.

"We are an innovative, fast-paced and high demand business; expecting the very best from our suppliers and delivering the best for our clients. Drimlike have excelled at taking our less tangible service and support elements and translating them into an impressive visual that instantly conveys our ethos, aims and attitude. It is also significant that they developed integration with our helpdesk to display real-time support information on the home page; a credit to an often overlooked element of web deployment."

Charles Wardman - Director, Wardman UK

"From concept artwork through to development and deployment they have approached the project with admirable enthusiasm, they have been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to pushing our brand further with Drimlike at our side."

Wardman UK have blasted off with refreshed branding that truly carries the company ethos, reaffirms the quality of Wardman UK’s services and highlights their forward-thinking attitude.

When it comes to branding, Drimlike are keeping their feet firmly on the ground. For our next mission, watch this space! Or why not contact us to begin your company’s journey?

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