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Naming Your Company - Steps to Good Branding

by The DrimTeam

It’s not always easy to convey the identity and values ​​of a company in no more than a few words. So, here are some guidelines to follow when choosing your brand name.

1. Research: the foundation of the brand

Take the time to analyse the brand names of your competitors to see what works in your domain. Then, analyse your own business by asking yourself what the key values of your company are. How could you convey these values?

2. The Creative Process: do it right

It’s essential to consider the vocabulary and semantic fields that surround your company’s values. It’s best to use a team of people from different backgrounds who have different thought processes - why not hire a creative agency?

Drimlike can find the right words to encapsulate your brand identity.

3. Step Back: question your ideas

Don’t set your heart on the first thing that stands out. Take a step back if you are not 100% satisfied, return to your notes with a different mindset and check that your favourite idea still sounds great. The key is to give all the possibilities a fair chance before making a final choice.

4. A Worldwide Identity: make your brand universally flexible

Ask yourself whether your brand name would work well in other languages ​​and if it could adapt to any changes with ease. Compare it to other brands of a similar nature and ask yourself if the name is easy to remember.

For example, Frigidaire developed the first self contained refrigerators in the 1900s, becoming so popular that any refrigerator created by any brand became commonly known as a ‘fridge’, (a shortened version of their name). As a result, they couldn’t cope with the arrival of more and more universal brands, and their name became nothing more than a generic term.

On the contrary, Red Bull has made itself known for being more than just an energy drink. The company market the drink as more of an experience than a mere refreshment - endorsing a passion for adventure and extreme sports. This exemplifies the power of a name perfectly.

If you’re in need of a creative mind, the Drimlike team would love to help you find the right words for your brand.

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