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Midstock Festival: Far-out bands, groovy brand!

by The DrimTeam

The team behind Dalkeith’s Grown In Scotland music festival wanted a complete branding overhaul. Requiring a fresh new look that combined Scottish character and music (with a blanket ban on bagpipes), along with print and digital media that would get everybody buzzing about this unique event.

What’s in a name?

A new name was needed for Grown In Scotland that conveyed a Scottish music festival rooted in Midlothian. Linking both to classic rock festival Woodstock and Dalkeith’s Midfest event where the festival originated, ’Midstock’ instantly expressed the essence of the event and avoided cheesy Scottish stereotypes (‘Tartanbury’ was promptly binned...).

A great brand needs a great logo with instant impact. Typographically designed to resemble a guitar, the event’s name and date are visible along the neck of the instrument; just one glance at the logo and you know exactly what Midstock’s all about.


Crucial to the website design was usability. Visitors to the site would either be interested in the festival or ticket-holders looking for help, so it was essential to provide clear information and a straightforward purchasing system.

Bright orange banners with the ‘Buy Tickets’ call to action throughout the site encourages strong conversion rates, while straightforward ‘Find Us’ and FAQ sections combine bold headings and minimal text, offering mobile or desktop users a great experience.

Above all, Midstock needed that edgy, fun, festival spirit, so the website design incorporated an illustration of Dalkeith Country Park with thistles and foliage hanging like bunting from header and footer. The written content was fun and informal, reflecting the event itself, but always clear, concise and informative.

A cross-media line up

By ensuring consistency between the website and Midstock Festival’s print, we were able to create uniform branding that transitioned seamlessly between online and offline media, making the brand instantly recognisable across platforms. From social media graphic assets to flyers, Midstock’s branding was designed for professionalism and consistency.

A Festival of Delights

"After our first year of running our festival we knew we needed a professional and comprehensive redesign of our branding and website. We approached Drimlike after we spoke to another business that had worked with them and they recommended them to us."

"Our first meeting with Drimlike was enough to assure us we were working alongside people that appreciated and understood our requirements and embraced our enthusiasm for our event.

"They have been a pleasure to work alongside and have completed what we regard as our ‘shop window’ to an exceptional standard - we now feel they are part of our team!"

- Wullie Slight, Midstock Event Director

With 4000 attendees previously and more than double that expected this year, Midstock needed something bold, something Scottish and a great big dollop of fun.

A bespoke design of colours, thistles and guitars, striking calls-to-action and some tongue-in-cheek content meant the DrimTouch delivered all that - and more.

If you’d like to buy tickets for Midstock Festival, head over to the website!

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Did you know? The company founders met as high school students, proving that a great friendship and a lot of hard work can go a long way.

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