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Innovative Packaging Design - Stand Out From Competitors

by The DrimTeam

All products deserve to be packaged in a way that showcases them to the highest extent. It can be tricky to know how to stand out in a sea of products, but no matter what industry your business lies in, there is always (repeat - always) room for innovation.

Challenge Convention

The perfect example? The shoebox. What could you possibly innovate about a shoebox, right? Maybe the colours or sketches on the box? Well, Nike went one step further when a product design agency designed this for their Nike Air trainers:

This design flips expectation completely on its head, presenting something distinctive that really gets people talking.

Nothing pleases customers more than something completely new and original. After all, even the squeezy ketchup bottle was revolutionary when it was first released by Heinz in the eighties:

Consider Quality

Of course, the purpose of packaging is to convey to the customer what this product is all about. If it is a premium product, it should always be clear from the packaging. If it is an environmentally friendly product, that should be clear as well.

The idea behind great packaging is that it does the first step of selling your product for you. It grabs the attention of potential customers by intriguing them and building excitement, before your awesome product then fulfils their heightened expectations.

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