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How to Hire the Best Web Design Agency - A Checklist

by The DrimTeam

There are a lot of web design agencies out there to choose from, and it can be tricky to sort the good from the bad. Take a look at our checklist of questions that anyone in search of a creative agency’s services should ask themselves before making contact.

Does their website inspire you?

Remember, you’re trusting these guys to build your own website or brand, so checking out their site first is the perfect way to check that they know their stuff. Are they creative? Does their site stand out amongst competitors? Is it unique? Is it user friendly?

Are their case studies informative?

Agencies that provide case studies are happy to reveal their creative process to you. This includes methods of research and idea conception, right up to the final product. This is a great sign that the agency in question are so passionate and confident about what they do that they want to share it with the world.

Can they give you a personal quote?

Most agencies worth their salt do not provide set prices. They tailor a quotation based on a client’s needs and requests. Don’t see a lack of available prices as a negative, see it as an indication that this agency want to give you a custom-made service that ensures the best value for money.

Are they listening to you?

It’s always useful to pick up the phone and speak to someone who works at the agency. See how they handle your queries. Do they listen and respond to your needs? Do they do their utmost to provide a solution to your problem? Are they friendly? The agency staff must give you a great first impression if you’re planning on working with them in the long run.

Are they honest?

A good agency should be dedicated and well invested in your project. They will make it their goal to establish a professional, trusting relationship with their clients and should always respond quickly to queries and be willing to help. They should also offer advice (sometimes for free!) and intervene quickly if a problem ever crops up.

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