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First Mortgage - A Case Study

by The DrimTeam

The balance between effective copy and visual impact

First Mortgage provide free advice to those looking to buy a home. They needed a website and a brochure that would better connect their online and offline communication. We wanted to convey how First Mortgage’s services make the home buying process simple and informative. By including clear contact details, we could also encourage customers to get in touch. Ultimately, our work would maintain a consistent design that would blur the line between online and offline media.

A new online approach

For the new website, we needed to present content that would be enlightening, but still easy to digest. Effective design, as always, was key here. The homepage needed to be bright, engaging and inviting. We also researched and tested user experience and navigation of the site. This is a crucial element of design when considering conversion.

Friendly communication in print

We researched the best images to convey the friendly aspect of First Mortgage’s services. Buying a home can be a daunting process, and our job was to create a publication that would make customers feel excited and prepared, rather than overwhelmed.

The result?

A very satisfied customer!

"We were delighted with the quality of service experienced with the digital and print work, and would highly recommend Drimlike for their efficient and professional work." - Ian McGrail, Managing Director

We printed the first batch of 10,000 brochures for First Mortgage and they will be distributed nationwide. If you’re looking for a great deal on a mortgage, take a look at the new website! Regular updates and optimisations are in place to always ensure the best user experience.

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