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ECommerce: What You Need to Know

by The DrimTeam

We love electronic commerce. It makes online shopping fast, safe and enjoyable (no queues)! For businesses, it’s an extremely powerful tool in driving sales. Allow us to break down four things that you need to know about it:

1. It’s worth working with an agency

Of course, we would say that - but it’s true. It’s worth investing in a project like this to make sure your site is secure, durable and high-quality.

A usable site makes all the difference when it comes to conversions. You wouldn’t just let anyone build a real shop for you, so why would you do the same for your website?

2. Mobile Customers are the Future

Online shopping is huge, so making sure your site is mobile friendly is critical. In Christmas 2013, British internet users made 129m visits to retail websites on Boxing Day, a 15% increase on the year before. This means that 26th December 2013 was the biggest online shopping day to date. (Study by Experian)

3. Every Client is Different

There’s not one solution for everyone. You may need a custom made eCommerce system developed to meet your advanced business expectations, or perhaps an open source eCommerce solution (such as Magento) adapted to your needs. Professionals can advise you on what would benefit your business the most, so hear them out.

4. You’re in the Driving Seat

If you want to keep control over your eCommerce site, you can. Handing the project over to an agency doesn’t mean that you lose authority over it. A good agency will always stick to the initial brief. You can take care of updates yourself, or, on the contrary, you can ask the agency to take care of things for you while you oversee. The choice is always yours, and you will validate every step of creation. Ultimately, you will always have freedom throughout your project.

Our ultimate advice is to get in touch. Every project really is different, and the easiest way to get a fantastic eCommerce site is to talk to an agency who know what they’re doing and want to help your business succeed. (Psst - That’s us!)

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